Victoria Gouzikovski

transdisciplinary art / design /  architecture


Project information under construction

Architectural installation with traditional cabin structure and textile membrane stretched over a canvas frame on the exterior. The structure features hidden windows that illuminate through the textile in a lantern effect.
The Romance of the Abandoned Cabin is an art-architecture that uses the language of the cabin in its regional dialect to position an alternative space in in the center of the fjords.The structure works with the aura of approaching an abandoned cabin in the woods: at once a beacon of hope, but also hints at more ominous undertones, not knowing what may be inside. It takes the vernacular as a starting point to develop alternative processes of creation and new spatial experiences. As a site-specific, research-based project, the work takes on features from surrounding architecture.

The regional language of the cabin is practicality in structure and use. This cabin has a stave foundation, hidden windows that refer to cabins that have been adjusted over time that have moved windows and doors, and has an exposed skeleton inside that shows traditional building techniques. It also experiments with a textile membrane stretched over a canvas frame that runs along the exterior and interior of the cabin.
The window proportions refer to local buildings, with the focal point inspired by a defunct water mill and the positioning of the structure using the logic of the local churches.

It is radically open and has open doors an windows, serving as a temple for fjord worship.

This project was created as part of a two month residency at Norsk Fjordsenter and was featured in the 2023 Geiranger Lyskunstfestival. The installation is seasonally semi-permanent, similar to the logic of the semi-nomadic cabin structures in the region.