Victoria Gouzikovski

transdisciplinary art / design /  architecture


Reflective Fortress is a solitary architecture that shields the user from the institutional gaze. It is meant to support reflective meditation and criticality that removes the impact of structures of power.

The architecture places one in a different power relation to the rest of the institution and provides a vantage point that modulates perception. The space allows the viewer to be completely hidden from observation, but at the same time provides them with a full view of the rest of the public space.
It is at once a viewing device, a counter-surveillance tower, an architecture within an architecture, a refuge that for anti-disciplinary practices, and a protective shelter that places one in a position of power.

Based on studies of the KMD building, the meditation space removes the student-subject from the circuits of the institution to allow for introspective practices fo the self within an open and transparent building that does not offer moments of obscurity.

The structure activates the building by integrating a sort of “watchdog” structure that can be inhabited by any of the students. The reflective exterior reminds the institutional establishment that they are also being critically observed by the students.

The design of the structure takes on cues from the hytte, a space that momentarily removes one from the stream of everyday life.

Location: Fakultet for kunst, musikk og design (KMD), Møllendalsveien 61, 5009 Bergen, Nedre Hall

view from inside: