Victoria Gouzikovski

transdisciplinary art / design /  architecture


"Greetings form the Balkans
Victoria Gouzikovski, 2022

At Juleutstilling at Galleri Christinegård, Bergen, Norway; sent from Zagreb, Croatia

Durational poject, 30+ site-specific postcards of architectural research during a month, processed through international mail, presented as they arrived during seasonal exhibition.
(durational photography/architectural research as well as mail writing as performance/process)

The project uses the international mail system to legitimize fragments of architectural research in Zagreb. It uses the touristic medium of the postcard as a way of conveying cultural shifts and aesthetic changes as expressed through architecture in Croatian capital by mail to Bergen, the artist-researcher’s main base.
In line with the “souvenir" medium, the original photographs are presented at Galleri Christinegård during the Christmas show. The mailpieces also serve as an irregular advent calendar during the beginning of the winter holiday season, and capture political, culturaal, and seasonal changes, including glimpses of Zagreb’s world-famous Christmas decor.

Victoria will be sending new photographs of Zagreb’s buildings throughout the exhibition.

Both “Blakans” and “Bergen” mean “mountains” in different languages. The works create an artistic correspondence between the two.