Victoria Gouzikovski

transdisciplinary art / design /  architecture


work in progress, more documentation coming soon

Post-Settings, 2023
Location: Sanquhar Post Office, Sanquhar, Scotland

Situated inside of the oldest working post office in the world, the exhibitionary installation sets a scene using the combined formats of the postcard, the forms of Sanquhar buildings, and the table setting, much like the window displays of the houses that line High Street.

This site-specific work presents a portrait of Sanquhar and surrounding regions through the combination of photography, exhibition design, and regional wildflowers collected through a foraging process.

The work re-creates the setting and imagines the postcard as a way of sharing experiences of space, placed among the more ephemeral, tangible, and sensory elements of the landscape that cannot be sent through the mail or coonveyed through correspondence.